I provide a variety of professional photography services, including but not limited to those listed below.

Completed images can be delivered in a variety of ways, to include being posted in a private, secure website gallery for your review.  You may also purchase digital downloads of files and / or prints from the on-line gallery.

If you require photography services you do not see listed or would like pricing information, please contact me.

Education and Instruction

Photography is fun and fascinating, but can be frustrating.  Learning a digital camera, photo editing software, and the basic principles of photography can greatly improve the quality of your images as well as increase your enjoyment.

My teaching experience includes presenting courses at my local photography club (Minnesota Valley Photo Club) and teaching with Minnesota Exposure Education .

I offer personal, one-on-one or small group photography instruction.  Topics include basic principles of photography; learning your digital camera; editing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and the Nik Collection; and creating prints on your photo-quality printer.


I enjoy shooting portraits--portraits which not only create an image of a person, but also capture their character.

My portrait work includes high school senior; executive; promotion; and environmental portraits.  What is an environmental portrait?  An environmental portrait pictures a person in their environment and tells a story.

Click Here for pricing information on Portrait Sessions.


Let me create memories of your event--party, reunion, promotion, celebration, graduation--and post the edited images on a secure, limited-access website gallery, allowing you and selected parties to view and download the images, as well as purchase prints and other merchandise.

I have photographed events for the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing  and for local veteran's groups.  Click on the link to view work for the Commemorative Air Force.


As an award-winning aviation photographer, I can capture an image of your aircraft and create a memorable art print.

Consider commissioning me for your next flying event, reunion, or to celebrate a first solo flight or the last flight of a career.

My aviation photography awards include the 2007 Indy Airshow and multiple Commemorative Air Force awards during the period 2013-2015.


A well-done photograph will capture people's attention and increase the probability of selling your vehicle.  The next time you are trying to sell your auto, let me create an image that will command attention.  Even if you are not selling your vehicle, commission an image that will allow you to remember and cherish your vehicle for many years.

Image Processing

Have you captured an image but can't make it look the way you remember it in your mind's eye?  Or do you have a box of old slides or film negatives from a grandparent and would like to digitally view and share them?  Would you like to make a copy of a cherished print to share with family?

Let me help.  I can edit and process your image.  I can scan those old slides and negatives, allowing you and family to view them on-line or to create prints.

Image Processing Services Include:

- Digital Image / File Processing and Editing.

- Scanning of Slides, Negatives, and Prints.

- Custom Printing.

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