The images I create are of professional quality.  My images are not only technically sound, but also tell a story.  They are images that are crafted with intention and precision.  Images that impart a story in an authentic and expressive manner...that transport the viewer to another time, place, event.

I support several non-profit organizations by contributing my time and photography talents.  I photograph their events; the organizations employ the images to promote their causes and tell their stories; to allow attendees, supporters and members to relive events.

Some of the non-profit organizations I contribute to include: 

- Veteran’s organizations, to include:

 o Local Beyond the Yellow Ribbon chapters.

 o Reuniting After War

- Scouting

- Commemorative Air Force (CAF)

 o CAF Minnesota Wing

Freshly equipped with new school skills and more available time, my next goal is creating stories—photos and text—for submission to publications. My target will be print and online publications featuring travel, regional lifestyle, nature, and outdoor activities.

Self-Portraits for PI Assignment--Find Your Style

I can also create a story for you! What is your event?  A fundraiser; company teambuilding exercise; reunion; trip; or wilderness adventure?  You sit back, relax, and live in the moment.  Allow me to capture and create your memories.

Please see my Stories page for examples of my stories.

Value—Why invest in a professional?

Anyone with a digital camera or smartphone can grab a technically good image.   My years of experience, skill, and developed insight enable me to intentionally craft images that capture the character of a place, event, an emotion, a moment in time.  

Investing in a skilled photographer ensures you receive more than technically sound images.  Your investment ensures receiving expressive images—images that transport viewers to a time, a place, an event.

Please contact me to discuss investing in your story.


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