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Bio-About Me

Home Base: Twin Cities, Minnesota; USA

Territory: The World

I have been dabbling with photography since I was a teenager. As I traveled the world during my adult career, I shot photos to capture memories—people, places, events.  About twenty years ago, persistent inspiration compelled me to seriously pursue photography.  Since then, I have been developing my craft through self-education, occasional classes, and membership in photography clubs and organizations.  In 2020, I made a big commitment to advance my photography skills by enrolling in the Rocky Mountain School of Photography Professional Intensive Course.  This course not only sharpened my technical skills, but also enhanced my creative skills and improved my business insight.

What do I like to photograph?  My challenge is that I like to photograph anything and everything (almost) that makes for a good image.  Why is this a problem?  The professional photography world tries to place photographers into defined categories—a photographer is retail or commercial; shoots weddings or products.  My frustration of photography school is that I did not neatly fit into any of these categories.

So, what kind of photographer am I?  The category I best fit into is “Editorial.”  I create images that tell stories.  My greatest strength as a photographer is crafting images that tell stories.

See my “Offering / Value” page to learn more about my story telling.

What do I enjoy besides photography?

• Outdoor activities • Travel • Exploring • Art Galleries • Good Food and Craft Beer • The fellowship of good friends when doing any and all of the previous activities.

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