Missoula Brewing--Photography Documentary Project

Since September 2020, I have had the opportunity to be enrolled in the Rocky Mountain School of Photography's Professional Intensive course, a nine-month course of study in the technical, creative, and business aspects of photography.  One of our assignments was to complete a documentary photography project.  My choice for this project was Missoula Brewing, home of Highlander Beer, located across the street from the photo school.

The Brewmasters at Missoula Brewing, Gary and David, warmly welcomed me and allowed me to document a morning of beer crafting.

Shadowing Dave while he flew through the facility during the brewing process was pleasurable, informative, and tiring--Dave does not slow down.  Being a former school teacher, Dave is also a fantastic educator--I learned much during my time with him.

I would like to thank Gary, Dave, and the staff of Missoula Brewing for granting me access.



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